DIY Aging with a Color Wash Technique


We want to share another great technique with you today! This technique is simple and easy. All you need is two different colors of Heirloom Traditions paint and some water.

Here’s a candleholder that we bought a long time ago. We had four… none of them sold so we thought it was time to update them a bit. blog18pic3

First, we put a coat of Heirloom Traditions’ Synergy on them. We love this color! It is the perfect shade of turquoise. blog18pic4

Above is a picture we snapped after doing one coat. (You can see we missed a spot!) We decided to add another coat for full coverage. I wish we had gotten more pictures of the process, but lucky for you, we have a YouTube video going through the whole process. Things got a bit hectic with our 4 year old daughter, and we had to work quickly with the video.

The second color we used was Mocha. We mixed the paint with water to make a milky substance. Painted the entire candleholder with it, and then wiped it off lightly with a washcloth (while it is still wet). You can wipe away as much or as little as you’d like.

This is what it looks like when you’re done. We finished it off by waxing it with clear wax. Here’s a YouTube video going through the entire process in detail.


Here’s a piece that we did this technique on. We only did it on the drawers and on the top. We simply wiped it away in the direction of the woodgrain. The pictures don’t really do it justice. The technique turned out beautiful on it.

blog18pic7If you’d like to purchase paint from us, click here.


DIY Crackle Technique Using Glue & Heirloom Traditions

Crackle1Today we want to show you a very easy and inexpensive way to do a crackle technique using Heirloom Traditions chalk-type paint. All you need is two colors and school glue. We used Elmers for this because that’s all CVS had to offer, but we’ve used some from Dollar Tree for $1. It worked just as good.

So paint on your bottom coat. We used Heirloom Traditions’ Mocha. Check out that coverage!


Let it dry completely. Then paint on a coat of glue. We put a pretty thick coat on, but did try to keep it even. Thicker glue = bigger cracks. Thinner coat = smaller cracks.


We let the glue sit for about 30 minutes. I’d definitely keep an eye on it. You don’t want it to dry completely. I wish we had taken a pic before we painted on the next coat, but we totally forgot. Just touch it and see when it’s good and tacky – not wet!

Then paint on your next color. I used Heirloom Traditions’ Buttermilk. It started doing this almost immediately after we painted it. It’s fun to watch the process!


A few minutes later…


And a few more….


Wait until in between the cracks isn’t shiny anymore. It took about an hour for this to dry. After it dries completely, put wax or a top coat on it. We used Muddy Pond wax… also by Heirloom Traditions.


Doesn’t it look amazing?! We also made a YouTube video explaining this process. Check it out and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more painting tips and techniques!

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Using HTP Venetian & Dark Umber Wax

Hey Y’all! We got the chance to do some painting with our new Heirloom Traditions Paint this week, and we are totally in love with the results. We painted this gorgeous lingerie chest.

blogpic7jan16We knew this piece would be the perfect candidate for painting because of all the gorgeous detail in the wood. Here’s what it looked like before…

blogpic1jan16A few of the drawers were sticking a bit, and it was missing a pull, but we knew it had great potential. We started by cleaning it up a bit with Simple Green and an old cloth.


It’s always smart to try to clean your piece up before starting to paint. You don’t want any old goop coming through your beautiful paint job. (Although we’ve not always followed that rule… rules were made to be broken. Haha!)

We decided to paint it with Heirloom Traditions Venetian and finish it with the Dark Umber soft wax. The coverage with this paint is just amazing. With other paints we’ve used three coats were usually needed to get full coverage with shades of white. Here’s what she looks like with two coats of Venetian.


Here’s a close-up pic. Is that amazing or what?! It’s still a little wet in some spots, but look at that incredible coverage.


Another reason why we fell in love with HTP is the great waxes and brushes.

blogpic5jan16After the second coat of Venetian dried completely, we used our wax brush and dark waxed the entire piece, taking special care to get the wax in all the fancy woodwork. It really helps to bring out the design. Here’s what one of the drawers looked like before it was buffed.


We then just went over it with an old lint-free cloth and buffed it. We were planning to go over with the clear wax for extra shine, but the finish turned out so great that we decided to leave it like it was. Here’s the finished product…




blogpic7jan16This fabulous piece is available at Birds of a Feather in Tomball, TX.






A New Paint Company. A New Display.

Heirloom-Color-Chart-crop-for-web-980A new year. A new location. A new paint!!! After much prayer and thought, we decided to go with a different paint company this year. For many reasons, we feel that Heirloom Traditions will be better suited for us. One of the many reasons we fell in love with HT was the gorgeous colors. (There are also some fabulous wax colors that we’ll discuss in a later post!)


So we decided we wanted to try something a little different for display so we used some antique crib springs we have had laying around for a while and some little plaques from Michaels. As we painted, it got really repetitive as we kept saying back and forth, “I love this color!”


We glued clothespins to the backs of the plaques and labeled them so that our customers can remove them from the display easily to see what color it is. Each board has clear wax on one half and no wax on the other side to show the difference between the two.


We LOVE how it turned out. I think and hope our customers will like it too.


Yes. Another Move.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Really, y’all are moving again?” That’s why we wanted to write a little blog about it. When we made the move to Granny’s Korner, we just knew it would be our last. We loved the shop. Enjoyed working there. Liked the other vendors. It was great! Sales were great! No complaints.

We moved in mid-July 2014. A few months later, when we were handed our check in November, we were told that our rent was going up by more than 25% and not only that, but now commission was being taken out of our check (which wasn’t like that when we moved in.) We were frustrated. However, that’s the beauty of their no-contract deal. After talking it through, we decided we’d still stick it out and make it work.

At the beginning of December, after looking over my schedule (which 2 work days had turned into 5 with all the holiday days) I realized that I had gotten scheduled on Ainsley’s birthday. I don’t remember doing it, but maybe I was in a fog that day and didn’t realize it was her birthday. Once I realized it, I sent a quick email to see if I could work another day instead. I said that I didn’t mind contacting the other vendors to make a switch with them personally. I wasn’t trying to get out of working. I had never missed a work day! So a few minutes later I get an email saying, because it was December it was impossible to switch days and we could just consider this our 30 days vacate notice. I WAS SHOCKED. I’m still shocked.

Anyway, I’ll try to make this long story a little shorter. I called the owner of the shop that we had previously had our paints in Tomball, and before I hung up, we had basically settled that we would go back there. She even said, “Sometimes going other places is a learning experience that you need to go through before you can get to the next place in life.” We totally agree! We loved the few months we were at GK. We learned a lot, and feel like we’re ready to move into the next place God has for us.


So we’re pleased to announce that we are now back at Birds of a Feather in Tomball! We love the shop. We got a great space in the front. We started moving in last night and will be working on our space over the next few weeks to get everything perfect.


More great news coming very soon….

Soldier Blue Striped Endtable | Memorial Day Weekend

Don’t faint, but here we are again! 🙂 We’ve been on a furniture buying spree lately, so that means more pieces to paint. We found this lovely little piece at a thrift store. It was a teensy bit overpriced, but we decided to go for it again. Speaking of, have you noticed how much thrift stores are going up on their prices?! It’s getting ridiculous… Anyway, here she is before.Image

We knew she had great potential from the start. So like I said, we’ve been on a furniture buying spree so hubby and I have been dividing and conquering on the pieces. I’m sad to say, I can’t take credit for anything about this charming little piece, but I LOVE it! Sometimes I have a hard time trusting someone else’s vision (haha), but I always love what he comes up with.

He chose Soldier Blue and Oyster White in Old Fashioned Milk Paint. We both agree we LOVE Soldier Blue so expect to see more of that color very soon! Here’s what she looks like now…


I adore the way the milk paint chipped in some areas! Not too much, but just enough. I’m tempted to keep this one, but… we do have to make a living. 😉

We hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Francis A Walker said, “We come, not to mourn our dead soldiers, but to praise them.” Indeed! We are so thankful for every life that has been given for our wonderful freedom. Glad to be an American!

One of Those Days

It was a beautiful Saturday morning (a lot like today), and I had grand plans! I was going to head out to a local flea market that we’ve had decent success with. I got dressed and headed to the atm. While at the atm, I decided to text my mom and see how my sweet girl was. (She had stayed the night with her Nanna and Pappa.) My mom replied that they would be heading our way in 30 minutes or so. My plans of roaming the flea market were crushed…

I decided to swing by the nearest thrift store on my way to our meeting place. Maybe, just maybe, I could find something here and not have to worry about my broken flea market dreams. I was drawn to this pair of nightstands. They had a few problems, but nothing that wasn’t fixable.


I texted Shawn a pic of them and got his opinion. He liked them, so the deal was done. We chose Old Fashioned Milk Paint’s Buttermilk for these, and I really like the way they turned out. (Excuse my iPhone photos, my battery was down on my Nikon, but I promise better photos next time!)


I love it when we can use the original hardware for pieces, and these were very unique. Anyway, we already have someone coming to pick them up in a couple days, so yippee.

Until next time, happy thrifting!

Just Enough Money for a Chair… and Groceries


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Do you love grocery shopping alone? If you’re a mom, I can see you emphatically saying “YES”. It was one of those wonderful, beautiful days where I just happened to be alone and able to do my weekly shopping. (Well, it was actually a mid-week trip so I didn’t have to get groceries for ALL week.) Anyway, somewhere along the road, I realized I had forgotten my debit card at home. Luckily, I had a little cash so I figured I could make it work.

Unfortunately, and fortunately, there is a thrift store in the same parking lot as the nearest grocery store. I decided to pop in for a quick look just to see what they had before I shopped for groceries. I saw this lovely little wooden chair, and just could NOT pass it up. Image

The price was too good, and it was great condition! I’m a sucker for redoing chairs! Anyway, I ended up having just enough money to buy the chair and the groceries with one dollar leftover! Now if that’s not meant to be, I don’t know what is.

We went through the fabric that we had laying around, and matched the fabric to CeCe’s color chart and here’s what it looks like now.


We used one sample of CeCe Caldwell’s Mesa Sunset (which we both fell back in love with) and recovered with a cute floral fabric. It may just be one of my favorite chair re-dos we’ve done so far.

Well, that’s all for now! See you soon!

Custom Reviving – Alaskan Tundra Green Buffet

Check out this old red and white buffet that we just finished…


It was love at first sight with this piece. It just had such potential! The customer chose CeCe Caldwell’s Alaskan Tundra Green for the color. We haven’t used ATG a lot, but I absolutely love how it turned out on this piece.


It doesn’t have hardware because the customer is going to be replacing them. I love how it looked after a little distressing. The original color looks awesome with the ATG.


We were a little unsure what to do about the red designs on the glass. At first we thought maybe we’d just paint the same design over the top of it in ATG. However, hubby said we should try scraping it with a razor blade first… and it WORKED. The glass looks as good as new! 🙂

Until next time…





Custom Reviving – Johnston Daffodil Chest of Drawers

Yes, I know. It’s been WAY too long since I’ve blogged. We won’t go into why because I don’t have a good reason for you. Sometimes life gets in the way. 🙂 Anyway… Here’s a piece I painted today. Customer chose the color – which I love!! It’s CeCe Caldwell’s chalk and clay paint – Johnston Daffodil.


Here’s the piece before.

ImageI absolutely LOVE how it turned out!!! I hope our customer does too!

ImageImageHopefully it won’t be too long until you see another post from me! 🙂