We want to share another great technique with you today! This technique is simple and easy. All you need is two different colors of Heirloom Traditions paint and some water.

Here’s a candleholder that we bought a long time ago. We had four… none of them sold so we thought it was time to update them a bit. blog18pic3

First, we put a coat of Heirloom Traditions’ Synergy on them. We love this color! It is the perfect shade of turquoise. blog18pic4

Above is a picture we snapped after doing one coat. (You can see we missed a spot!) We decided to add another coat for full coverage. I wish we had gotten more pictures of the process, but lucky for you, we have a YouTube video going through the whole process. Things got a bit hectic with our 4 year old daughter, and we had to work quickly with the video.

The second color we used was Mocha. We mixed the paint with water to make a milky substance. Painted the entire candleholder with it, and then wiped it off lightly with a washcloth (while it is still wet). You can wipe away as much or as little as you’d like.

This is what it looks like when you’re done. We finished it off by waxing it with clear wax. Here’s a YouTube video going through the entire process in detail.


Here’s a piece that we did this technique on. We only did it on the drawers and on the top. We simply wiped it away in the direction of the woodgrain. The pictures don’t really do it justice. The technique turned out beautiful on it.

blog18pic7If you’d like to purchase paint from us, click here.