Crackle1Today we want to show you a very easy and inexpensive way to do a crackle technique using Heirloom Traditions chalk-type paint. All you need is two colors and school glue. We used Elmers for this because that’s all CVS had to offer, but we’ve used some from Dollar Tree for $1. It worked just as good.

So paint on your bottom coat. We used Heirloom Traditions’ Mocha. Check out that coverage!


Let it dry completely. Then paint on a coat of glue. We put a pretty thick coat on, but did try to keep it even. Thicker glue = bigger cracks. Thinner coat = smaller cracks.


We let the glue sit for about 30 minutes. I’d definitely keep an eye on it. You don’t want it to dry completely. I wish we had taken a pic before we painted on the next coat, but we totally forgot. Just touch it and see when it’s good and tacky – not wet!

Then paint on your next color. I used Heirloom Traditions’ Buttermilk. It started doing this almost immediately after we painted it. It’s fun to watch the process!


A few minutes later…


And a few more….


Wait until in between the cracks isn’t shiny anymore. It took about an hour for this to dry. After it dries completely, put wax or a top coat on it. We used Muddy Pond wax… also by Heirloom Traditions.


Doesn’t it look amazing?! We also made a YouTube video explaining this process. Check it out and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more painting tips and techniques!

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