Heirloom-Color-Chart-crop-for-web-980A new year. A new location. A new paint!!! After much prayer and thought, we decided to go with a different paint company this year. For many reasons, we feel that Heirloom Traditions will be better suited for us. One of the many reasons we fell in love with HT was the gorgeous colors. (There are also some fabulous wax colors that we’ll discuss in a later post!)


So we decided we wanted to try something a little different for display so we used some antique crib springs we have had laying around for a while and some little plaques from Michaels. As we painted, it got really repetitive as we kept saying back and forth, “I love this color!”


We glued clothespins to the backs of the plaques and labeled them so that our customers can remove them from the display easily to see what color it is. Each board has clear wax on one half and no wax on the other side to show the difference between the two.


We LOVE how it turned out. I think and hope our customers will like it too.