Hey Y’all! We got the chance to do some painting with our new Heirloom Traditions Paint this week, and we are totally in love with the results. We painted this gorgeous lingerie chest.

blogpic7jan16We knew this piece would be the perfect candidate for painting because of all the gorgeous detail in the wood. Here’s what it looked like before…

blogpic1jan16A few of the drawers were sticking a bit, and it was missing a pull, but we knew it had great potential. We started by cleaning it up a bit with Simple Green and an old cloth.


It’s always smart to try to clean your piece up before starting to paint. You don’t want any old goop coming through your beautiful paint job. (Although we’ve not always followed that rule… rules were made to be broken. Haha!)

We decided to paint it with Heirloom Traditions Venetian and finish it with the Dark Umber soft wax. The coverage with this paint is just amazing. With other paints we’ve used three coats were usually needed to get full coverage with shades of white. Here’s what she looks like with two coats of Venetian.


Here’s a close-up pic. Is that amazing or what?! It’s still a little wet in some spots, but look at that incredible coverage.


Another reason why we fell in love with HTP is the great waxes and brushes.

blogpic5jan16After the second coat of Venetian dried completely, we used our wax brush and dark waxed the entire piece, taking special care to get the wax in all the fancy woodwork. It really helps to bring out the design. Here’s what one of the drawers looked like before it was buffed.


We then just went over it with an old lint-free cloth and buffed it. We were planning to go over with the clear wax for extra shine, but the finish turned out so great that we decided to leave it like it was. Here’s the finished product…




blogpic7jan16This fabulous piece is available at Birds of a Feather in Tomball, TX.