I’m sure you’re thinking, “Really, y’all are moving again?” That’s why we wanted to write a little blog about it. When we made the move to Granny’s Korner, we just knew it would be our last. We loved the shop. Enjoyed working there. Liked the other vendors. It was great! Sales were great! No complaints.

We moved in mid-July 2014. A few months later, when we were handed our check in November, we were told that our rent was going up by more than 25% and not only that, but now commission was being taken out of our check (which wasn’t like that when we moved in.) We were frustrated. However, that’s the beauty of their no-contract deal. After talking it through, we decided we’d still stick it out and make it work.

At the beginning of December, after looking over my schedule (which 2 work days had turned into 5 with all the holiday days) I realized that I had gotten scheduled on Ainsley’s birthday. I don’t remember doing it, but maybe I was in a fog that day and didn’t realize it was her birthday. Once I realized it, I sent a quick email to see if I could work another day instead. I said that I didn’t mind contacting the other vendors to make a switch with them personally. I wasn’t trying to get out of working. I had never missed a work day! So a few minutes later I get an email saying, because it was December it was impossible to switch days and we could just consider this our 30 days vacate notice. I WAS SHOCKED. I’m still shocked.

Anyway, I’ll try to make this long story a little shorter. I called the owner of the shop that we had previously had our paints in Tomball, and before I hung up, we had basically settled that we would go back there. She even said, “Sometimes going other places is a learning experience that you need to go through before you can get to the next place in life.” We totally agree! We loved the few months we were at GK. We learned a lot, and feel like we’re ready to move into the next place God has for us.


So we’re pleased to announce that we are now back at Birds of a Feather in Tomball! We love the shop. We got a great space in the front. We started moving in last night and will be working on our space over the next few weeks to get everything perfect.


More great news coming very soon….