After several weeks of nonstop work, we decided to head to the country for a few days. I really am a country girl at heart. I love the peaceful atmosphere and relaxing lifestyle that comes with country living.

Here’s a pic of the barn. Notice the trailer… we couldn’t come out here without bringing some furniture to work on.

ImageAinsley loves it out here. Something about the window unit in the barn makes her sleep for hours, which we love. 😉 Being up here makes me dream of owning a farmhouse with several acres of land. Seems like somehow life would be simpler.

So here is one of the pieces that we brought to work on. It was in very good condition. Nothing wrong with at all, just isn’t really our style without refinishing it.

We decided to try a different technique for this piece. We used CeCe Caldwell’s chalk and clay paint to refinish it. (Of course!) We chose Texas Prairie, Spring Hill Green, Destin Gulf Green and Santa Fe Turquoise.

Here it is finished! It doesn’t even look like the same piece of furniture.

Shawn had the idea to decoupage the drawers with different patterns. I love how it turned out!

This has to be one of my favorite pieces we’ve refinished. It is so fun and unique!

Unfortunately, we have to return home tomorrow. However, I’m already making plans to return very, VERY soon. 🙂

– Shelaine